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The Phoenix Firewalk

The Phoenix Firewalk is your opportunity to experience something truly special. Whether it's corporate team building, fundraising for a cause or charity, or for your own personal development, The Phoenix Firewalk will take outside your comfort zone to the place where transformation happens...

Your instructors, husband & wife team, Barry & Marina Collins, both certified by the UK's leading Master Firewalk Trainer, Steve Consalvez, will help you to step out of you comfort zone, learn how the fears we create for ourself hold us back, before providing the opportunity for you to leave your fears behind... once and for all!

Firewalking dates back thousands of years and has been seen in many cultures across the globe, however the current Global Firewalking Movement was initiated in the 1970's by Tolly Burkan, a spokesperson for firewalking which now boasts over 4 million firewalkers and 3,000 instructors worldwide.

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