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The Ragged University

Meet, teach, learn, collaborate.  This is the essence – get into social spaces, do talks and events, connect with world class free online knowledge resources, make good stuff happen....

- Sorted !

Interesting knowledgeable people
Like minds
New ways of thinking
New networks and communities
Opportunities head on

Your life experience
What you have invested your life in
Pearls of wisdom, hints, tips and tricks
Techniques you have studied
How to achieve a goal in an area

How to speak in public
From talking things through with others
Where great free online knowledge resources are
How someone else managed to make something happen
What other people have to offer

In conversations about ideas
with each other to achieve greater things
To make free events in your neighbourhood
In creative projects that have tangible outcomes
To improve the opportunities available to everyone

It runs in a horses-for-courses way – some people like books, some people prefer working on engines; some people like physics, some knitting.  Some people like the theory, some prefer the practical.  Not everyone will like everything or agree with everyone about what they think.  The important thing here is a little decorum (not too much !) and remembering that on the whole people are interested to find out what you have to say and will come along to events with a common purpose in mind.

It's about doing it with a smile on your mug in comfy surroundings and being open to the life and work of other people.  It's about getting like minds together and feeling out what can easily be done to make something productive happen. 

We can all moan from an armchair about being bored or about not meeting the right people or about not getting things done, but this is not what the Ragged project is about.  It's about self motivated, interested people getting together, getting ideas out there, and finding ways to achieve things using available infrastructure (pubs, libraries, cafes, independent businesses) and common technology (internet, screening facilities, books, communication).

It's inclusive, everyone is free to get involved as long as they agree to the ethos and work according to Ragged Policy.  Nothing complicated just a few basic rules to make sure everyone gets on and the party is not spoiled.

To do a talk you must be passionate about your subject and it must fall within the boundarys of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

You must suggest free useful knowledge resources whether it is a website online, a library and a book, a helpful organisation involved in your subject, or a place you can go to meet and work with like minds.

You must provide an outline of your talk to let people know about what you are going to talk about and where your interest comes from.  More detailed information about how you can plan a talk can be found in the Public Speaking Notes.  Remember, we are not on ceremony here and like a bit of spit 'n' sawdust !  There is always flexibility to do things they way you prefer to do them.

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