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The Rapha Project

 The Rapha Project is a not for profit organisation, that is concerned about the promotion of emotional health and well being for young people.   Emotional well being is vital to equipping young people to manage the challenges that they face in today’s society. Our services are about promoting early intervention and emotional literacy for vulnerable and at risk young people. Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues are increasing amongst young people, with significant numbers requiring support, Rapha works to provide this much needed support.

 The statistics…….


  • 90,000 young people pass through the care system a year.  72% of children and young people in the care system have emotional difficulties.
  • 70% of children and Young People with mental disorders have not had early interventions
  • 95% of young offenders have a mental health disorder


 Rapha means to heal –  The statistics indicate a need for healing, supportive, empowering interventions to ensure the emotional health and development of our young people.


Our Agenda:


  • TIME TO TALK - To raise awareness of and create a forum for discussing the emotional health and literacy of young people
  • Development of interventions and strategies to create better outcomes for young people experiencing mental health challenges
  • Provision of supportive and empowering services for young people to promote emotional literacy and well being
  • Promotion of education and training for young people, and accessing work opportunities for  at risk young people
  • Professional updating and training for the professionals that work with young people who may be vulnerable and at risk.


Our Team


Our qualified counsellors, mentors, coaches,  practitioners are experienced in working with young people therapeutically enabling young people to grow and change through facilitating an environment that is safe, confidential and accepting.


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