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The Real Debate CLub


The Lost Debating Society is a new concept, which creates immersive environments for real debates. It's a bit like Secret Cinema, but for debating.... please like out FB page:
or join our FB group:
and get involved in the banter!!!
To ride the trend for more immersive and interesting experiences. To take Debating to a more modern, progressive and creative audience in London (and around the world in time!). Make people think and have fun in creative (often pop up) environments...
Our audience are immersed in an environment related to the topic of the debate, we want to challenge people to think differently about the subject in question. So future debates may be:
  • Debating the welfare state in the Old Vic tunnels, creating a Dickensian feel, to immerse people into a time when the Welfare State didn't exist
  • Debating Justice and Rehabilitation in an old Prison building, including the serving of prison food, and accounts from real prisoners
  • Convening outside at Speakers Corner to hold a debate on the Terrorism and Freedom of Speech, testing the limits of this in daring ways...

Can't wat to meet you soon, and to hear your thoughts! And of course festoon you with my own too!! haha!

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