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The Reboot Retreat by Women With Voices

 Founder - Ingrid MarshIngrid Marsh Founder Reboot Retreat

Mental health issues at work are at an all-time high; unconscious bias and the decisions made as a result not only impacts equality but also the wellbeing of ourselves and others and research shows 60% of employees feel they have to cover up who they authentically are. Moreover, despite technological advancements, we are more stressed, unhappy and disengaged than ever before. To put it all in perspective, in the UK 13 million days a year are lost to stress-related illnesses. Plus, according to the London Business School, the average person feels unfulfilled for 72000 hours out of the 90000 they will work over a lifetime.


It's time to press the REBOOT button. 


Wellbeing doesn't just come from physical health it comes from your mental health too. Your mind, as in your thoughts and beliefs, impacts your body and your body impacts your mind. Yet in trying to bring about a change we separate the two. We provide tools to overcome the overcome the stereotyping, unconscious biases and negative beliefs that are holding you back and equip you with tools to become your fullest self. We do this through The Reboot Retreat, a unique combination of mindfulness, wellbeing and personal growth, to fully realise your human potential to be more engaged, creative and utterly fulfilled.

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