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London based dating and confidence coach at

In my teenage years and early twenties I always wanted that feeling of being supremely self-confident in all situations, but I struggled with shyness, never knowing what to say, feeling as though I couldn’t just relax and be myself, and generally feeling awkward in social situations.

My name is Ed, and I am The Shy Guy.

I missed out on life, turned down social events, and stayed at home all to avoid having to interact with people.

One day I decided I needed to change, and so began a decade of self-development, of taking control, and transforming myself from being the person who always wanted to blend into the background to the guy who loves going out and meeting new people.

Along the way I practised meditation, hypnosis, visualisation, positive mindset, persuasion and body language techniques to generate rapid rapport with anyone, be memorable, and become the most happy and positive person I can be. (It’s an ongoing process!)

Now I feel just as happy chatting to a few friends as I do stepping onto a stage in front of one hundred people. My improved confidence has allowed me to do things I used to dream of. Life is full of opportunities which require self-confidence. Getting that promotion, getting that second date, asking the person of your dreams out, presenting your ideas at work.

I want to help you achieve all of that and more, by teaching you everything I’ve learned, so you can be who you really long to be.

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