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The SSS Club International

Socialite and Business International Club.

The SSS Club’ (TSSSC) members are from all aspects of life including our public representatives. Members are ‘happy people’ who are willing to engage socially for a common cause to helping vulnerable people; especially young people and children to achieve their goals in life through education, good health and other opportunities.   Members also support each other as friends, mentors and associates in all aspects of life as mutually agreed for progress and life fulfilment.

TSSSC members attributes - are people like you and me.  They are noble, sociable, generous, affluent, illustrious, philanthropic, industrialist, self-driven and regular people, shy, reserved, full of life, outgoing, visible and invincible, all people a good character, all parts of the world, and are unassuming.  These groups of people are often willing and ready to take time out to spare moments of their time to engage with each other in achieving club aims and objectives.

TSSSC members are people who are comfortable in both private and public life and are committed to going the extra mile to develop and protect the image of this club.


TSSSC Foundation Trust

The SSS Club (TSSSC) Foundation is the charitable arm of the club.  We generally focus our attention on communities in our chapters for our work.  Find out more if you wish to support the foundation.



Providing Grants To Charitable Institutions And Organisations, Which Comply With The Objects Of The Charity, Which Include:  Social Welfare, Relief Of Poverty And Provision Of Education With Special Emphasis On ‘Vulnerable Women’ Needs. 


Do you recognise yourself?  Or would you like to nominate a member or require further information? You can reach us by email at

The routes to becoming a member - (we are not a religious group):
*Like us and get friends to like us on social media and create a page for TSSSC on your page.
*Post something about yourself and friends on our pages in support of our activities.
*Register to donate, attend or sponsor our events and volunteer for our events
*Get introduced by a member who brings you to a social meeting. 
Look out for our open season luncheon, networking, meetings, and other hospitality events.

*Request information to donate money, good and or services and attend or host our reception evening as a benefactor.

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