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The Story Mill Ltd.

About The Story Mill:

The Story Mill is an innovative company that connects people in business through stories and storytelling.


We discovered that at the root of every business problem there's a disconnect between people.  That discovery made us curious about the secrets to building better business chemistry.  After exploring psychology, NLP and the world of story, we discovered three secrets;


First is that to connect with people you need to engage them beyond their intellect. You've got to touch their hearts and souls and earn the right to be trusted by them.


Second is that the best way to create these rich connections in business is by telling and listening to stories.


Third is that storytelling is not a new-age gyration – it’s as old as time itself.  It's always been the way that humans have communicated impactful and memorable messages.  Now people are recognising that storytelling is an essential business and life skill.


We help people to create better business connections through stories and storytelling.  We show people how to discover their own great stories, craft magnetic narratives and broadcast their stories with impact.


The Story Mill was born in 2013 to bring storytelling to people who want to create better chemistry inside and outside their business.


You can contact The Story Mill on or 01295 724568



About The Facilitators:


Claire Taylor's Story


Claire is the author of The Tao of Storytelling, Chief Storyteller and Co-founder of The Story Mill. 


Mine is a serendipity story. 

As a corporate Brand/Marketing Director, turned consultant I’d become restless.  A chance conversation in 2011 got me writing a blog of stories which rekindled a passion for stories I’d had since childhood.

A year later I trained as a storytelling performer. I was hooked!

But storytelling then was a passion without a purpose.

However, when I returned to my consultancy I began to introduce storytelling into my client work.  Stories enabled us to go deeper, understand better, engage more readily and make richer connections.

I saw professional people moved to tears and become more human upon witnessing a powerful story.  And nobody was more surprised that I was to receive a standing ovation from an audience of executives for a story based talk.

The business world beckoned to me as a place that was crying out for more human connections. Storytelling was the answer and an opportunity to share what I’d discovered, enrich the working lives of others and help to rebuild trust in business. 

My passion for storytelling had become a purpose.

That original blog became a book called The Tao of Storytelling published in 2013. 

And we launched The Story Mill to bring storytelling into business to help build better chemistry. 



David Taylor's Story

David is Chief Story Producer & Broadcaster as well as co-founder at The Story Mill.


I’m the creative guy who loves technology. As a teenager, I adopted the school computer during the holidays. Nerdy maybe – but it was the early ’80’s and computers were like science-fiction. By the early naughties, I was leading a busy corporate IT function.

But I’d left behind my passion for art & design. The digital age spelt an opportunity. The synergy of design and technology led me to create a digital agency.


The world changed after the recession with a call for more authenticity from businesses hence the story revival. The digital revolution has created an opportunity to broadcast stories in blogs, videos, podcasts, on websites and to engage on social media.

The combination of the storytelling and technology revolution propelled me to co-found The Story Mill to bring the power of story into businesses to build better engagement and connection.





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