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The Turquoise Brick Road @ Rhys Marc Photis

Rhys is the author of The Turquoise Brick Road. This book explains in a colourful and easy-to-understand way the Graves Value System -a framework that identifies eight universal levels of conscious development. It is a practical way of developing tolerance, and appreciation for diversity. Thus, we can become more aware of what we need to change to save the planet and ourselves as a species.

Rhys wrote the book "The Turquoise Brick Road", because he believes that with the speed with which we are destroying our habitat we are quickly running ourselves into a very unpleasant, intractable situation. Mother Earth will prevail and some of us will live on, but a Mad Max scenario is not what Rhys has in mind for his young daughter. His mission is to make Clare W. Graves’s work more widely known and applied by building on it and using it as a key to getting us out of this self-inflicted chaos.

Of German, English and Cypriot heritage, Rhys is fluent in both English and German, has lived in ten countries, and loves the multicultural dynamic of his birthplace and current home in Camden, London. Influenced by entrepreneurial family members, he understood early on that having lots of money comes at a cost and how it feels to lose it all at once. Rhys used to start and scale companies in emerging markets but soon reverted to more purposeful work. Nowadays, he is a thought-provoking speaker, MC, coach, facilitator and advisor, using the Graves logic to support individuals and organisations to become more self-aware and clearer about their path to success.

To him business is all about people. He believes that multiple techniques are required to enable people and organisations to change for the better, and that workplaces should be both challenging and fulfilling to foster individual and collective growth.

Rhys has a bit of a marmite effect on people. He strongly believes in continuous improvement and sees this as an uncomfortable, but vital part of life. He challenges himself and others too much at times and is known for frowning when he’s thinking, but he means well; after all, he is just a man.

Rhys is passionate about nature, organic ingredients and cooking fresh food. In his world, the seasons determine the menu. He loves trees, dogs, horses and all of nature’s diverse richness. He is critical of the wasteful world we have created and wants to catalyse a return to a healthy way of life. To him, a journey along the Turquoise Brick Road entails a positive contribution to evolution by enabling mankind to live up to its potential and purpose.

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