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The Wisdom and Wellbeing Consultancy

Do you want to create a healthy, successful and happy organisation?

We understand what it takes to create an organisation that operates from clarity and wellbeing - not stress - all of which leads naturally to performance, productivity and potential - liberated.


We can save you money - because stress costs a business money. And chronic mental stress is the pre-cursor to all mental illness and most physical ones too.* Every year the annual cost to employers of poor mental health at work is between £33 and £42 billion.


Our approach is revolutionary. We believe that every single person has innate wellbeing. No matter what has happened or their current experience of stress.


We don’t give advice, use techniques or tell people what to do – rather we educate and explore universal principles of how wellbeing works and how an understanding of these can help people to naturally access the source of their mental health, wellbeing and resilience.

We work with a simple yet revolutionary evidence based approach that is changing lives for the better in all walks of life. 

As a result people are able to have their own insights and answers into their own situation – as it is personal insight or ‘a-ha’ moments that are the agent of real change.

We offer:

Public - Open to all:

2 hour online tasters

One day workshops

Six week online programs

Speaking engagements

Wellbeing Coach Training (by application)


We can offer a combination of any of the above and develop a program purpose built for you

Elizabeth Lovius
Co-Founder is a Leadership Coach and Social Entrepreneur who has worked for 25+ years with over 10,000 people from all walks of life from CEO's to the shop floor facilitating their ability to shine.

Ian Watson Co-Founder Wellbeing Specialist and Educator - has been enabling sustainable change for over 30 years.

 *Why Zebra's dont get ulcers  - Robert Zapolsky

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