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The Body Curious are courses and lectures that are designed for everyone. Anatomical learning is not a prerequisite – but an interest in the human body is helpful. I deliberately avoid terminology as much as possible during my lectures, particularly at the beginning – we all need to be starting from scratch if we want to learn anything about how the body really works. Unlearning what we think we know is the tricky bit. My approach to this is that it has to be fun and entertaining as well as instructive.

The Human Body is an incredibly complex and fascinating piece of craftsmanship –  we need to be able to translate in a very practical way what is going on to help  ourselves  understand, without going cross-eyed with mind boggling gobbledegook. The aim of these lectures & courses on Health and Wellbeing is to re-engage with the boring stuff and come out the other end excited and asking questions. We then become motivated to apply ourselves.

Austin Burn-Jones BSc Ost. MSc AT
Presenter at TheBodyCurious

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