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Therapists' Network

We are a community of professional therapists creating wider understanding and acceptance of the good we do in our chosen therapy by promoting the efficacy of complementary medicine and therapy in all its guises to the public, and by supporting each other via our community to be professional and credible heart-centred business people.

Working With and For Therapists


We are a community of like-minded therapists who work together as members of a not-for-profit organisation promoting the value of therapy to our potential customers.

We support each other in our growth, come together, refer to each other and share resources, ideas and dreams.

We recognise that we are not in competition but can market each other and the value of therapy to the general public (we all offer something different even if we do the same therapy).

We can work on collaborative projects, and come together on social media, and more importantly, face-to-face and online, where we can find ways to support each other and often do things that we couldn’t do alone.

We offer private therapist’s community on our website at, have our face-to-face and online meetings, plus a public directory of therapists at

We aim to promote the efficacy of complementary medicine and therapy in all its guises to the public, and in that way, support therapists in growing their businesses.

Joining together we create community:

We support each other emotionally through what can be a roller coaster of learning about how to run a business, working with clients and getting our heads around being self-employed

We educate each other about the therapies we do, share our skills inside and outside therapies (many of you have had other ‘lives’ before being a therapist with valuable skills you can share).

Give talks about what you do, or your additional business skills – learning to speak in public is a powerful confidence builder.

Come to understand the value of professionalism and how to run a therapy practice – another powerful confidence builder.

Educate the public about what therapy is – we can all support each other in disseminating that message and get the value of therapy better known to the public and other health workers.


The emphasis is that we all care about our clients and being part of this community ensures they get the best service possible from us”. Linda Bishopp 2020

Our Structure

We have two websites:

Public-facing –

We market your practice to the general public. You get a listing (describing your services) on this website, plus you can publish articles and your workshops and courses. We market all of these on social media for you

Therapist-facing –

This site is just for Members of The Therapists’ Network that includes business information and training. You can communicate with and find other therapists to share with and work on joint projects together.

We have a presence on Facebook:

Facebook groups and page –

Therapists’ Network FREE Discussion Group – this is a private collaborative group for therapists only (Members and Non-Members), to share information and ask questions. This is not for marketing, just sharing with other therapists.

Each Therapists’ Network meeting e.g. Ashford, Eastbourne etc. has a public group where you can market your services

And finally, we have a Find Therapy Here Facebook page where we market our Member’s Directory Listings and articles/events regularly.

Ethics Committee This oversees the Therapists’ Promise to ensure that it is adhered to and it handles any complaints made by the public about our therapists and handles any complaints from staff or volunteers.

Steering Committee This supports the running of the Therapists’ Network and our volunteers.

Benefits to Members

We have meetings monthly throughout Kent and Sussex and online. You could be a qualified or trainee therapist just starting out on your journey of building your business, or more established and wishing to build connections and learn more about private practice and business skills.

You get the chance to build relationships with other therapists (so have the confidence to refer). We create a safe place to get emotional support and share your fears, joys, concerns – we have some very open conversations at meetings about how we feel about expanding our business, our therapies and how they work, we find others to collaborate within a friendly, accepting atmosphere.

The first two meetings are free, thereafter you will be asked to become a paid member.

  • To join you must evidence your qualifications, have a membership of an accepted professional association where possible, and have public liability and professional indemnity insurance. You will be asked to sign the Therapists Promise which lays out a Code of Ethics and Complaints Procedure we expect you to adhere to. For this you get:
  • A listing on our Find Therapy Here Directory website so that the public can access information on you. This can act as your website if you wish and you can have a ‘www’ address that includes your name. Student therapists don’t get a listing until qualified and a slightly reduced Membership fee because of this.
  • Once your listing is fully set up, we share it on social media regularly
  • You can also add any workshops you run to the websites (Public ones on the directory and Therapists’ ones on the Main Site) and we share those on social media too
  • And you can send us your articles about therapy and them, where appropriate, get shared on social media as well
  • You can come to monthly face-to-face and online meetings which include a workshop (+ CPD certificate if you want one), deeper networking and ‘get to know you’ exercises, and business support surgeries
  • You can join Group Supervision groups for free
  • We have a facility on our website for you to buddy up with other therapists, to try each other’s therapies and, once you get to know each other, refer to each other if appropriate
  • Membership cost £10.00 per month (£6.50 for students).