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The WOMB Network & The WOMB Foundation is an international female organization and online membership club, that focuses on four primary themes to support and empower women in their personal and economic empowerment.

The WOMB Network targets barriers and limitations placed upon women and girls by supporting their psychosocial well-being, engagement and leadership skills.

Our network is based on four areas of vital interest: Faith and spirituality, health and well-being, family and relationships and personal and professional development.

We foster intercultural, interfaith and inter-spiritual education and community building through training courses, literature, and events. 


The WOMB Foundation will provide an esteemed and global platform for women from diverse traditions and backgrounds to:

1. Empower women and girls by advocating dignity, human rights, and self-love, regardless of sexual orientation, race, creed.

2. Build an international inter-faith, inter-spiritual and intercultural network & community of like-minded women.

3. Advocate unification, tolerance, and peace for gender equality in the major world religions, spiritual systems and also modern science.

4. Publicise the power and knowledge of the Indigenous spiritual systems, cultural feminine traditions and rites of the world.

5. Encourage progressive ways of life that help us live in harmony with Mother Earth.

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