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Thom Shillaw is an authority on conversational hypnosis and has significantly advanced the field beyond the work of its founder, the late Milton H. Erickson M.D.

Labelled by the Press, ‘the renowned Hypnotist,’ Thom made headlines for ‘the world’s first mass hypnosis,’ ‘the world’s first mass curing’ and for helping people overcome conditions which ‘experts believe there is no cure for’.

Thom spent a decade learning hypnosis from Erickson’s main students, NLP co-creators, Bandler and Grinder and Generative Trance creator, Steven Gilligan, along with modelling Erickson, the founder of modern hypnosis, for half a decade. Today, Thom teaches his own unique models and methods.

As an NLP Trainer, Thom supplied the UK’s most extensive Licensed NLP certification syllabus, laterally developing and delivering Licensed Advanced NLP Master Practitioner certification courses internationally.

A body language expert, Thom discovered that NLP’s most famous model, the NLP Eye Accessing Cue Model, was incorrect. Thom also discovered that problematic reference memories, the unique root causes of human problems could be easily observed in body language – A fact which the entire field of psychology had overlooked. Today, Thom’s work is paving the way for a new understanding of how people think and communicate.

Previously, Thom was an elite sports nutritionist who supported World Champion athletes. To this day, Thom maintains a keen interest in working with elite athletes.

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