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Tiia Sammallahti

Hi, my name is Tiia and I am a DrivenWoman Surrey group leader and a London group member. I am a 45-year-old start-up entrepreneur, mother of three,  running two ventures with high social impact. Having juggled with work, entrepreneurship, motherhood, being single mom at one point, educated myself in later days, I am familiar with challenges in everyday life.....especially when trying to focus on yourself.  


DrivenWoman is a members’ network that helps women define their own success, become accountable to their goals and make dreams happen.  We get together once a month to create positive habits and put plans into action, one small step at a time. We do this by sharing our progress and inspiring each other. This method of ‘LifeWorking’ creates accountability, removes fear of failure and builds a strong sense of commitment.  After only a couple of months members notice a tangible change in their lives.



I have found the structured DrivenWoman group working method very useful. All group members (maximum 15 in a group) commit to 100% confidentiality, which gives an opportunity for everyone to really address the issues relevant for the future happiness and reaching the goals. There is no shame nor fear in the group.  


Dreams don’t just happen, but you can make them happen! 




"The monthly meetings make you accountable – you want to be able to tell them you’ve achieved something, and want to hear what they’ve done too. The result is that you get into a routine of achieving something every month." - Charlotte Leuw


"Everyone’s rooting for you and you’re allowed to make mistakes. As a result I feel empowered, like I can do anything as long as I put the time and resources into it. Without such a support system it’s harder to believe in yourself." - Vuylsa Henry


"At DrivenWoman there’s always someone there who can give you an answer and help you tackle your obstacles. It’s very solution-based and fast acting, so you get so much out of the group." - Jane De Croos


 "When I joined DrivenWoman I thought I was signing up for a monthly opportunity to network and interact with like-minded women, but what I didn’t know was that I was embarking on a transformational journey so gentle that it has changed me without me fully realising. Only after 9 months I was able to look back and see how much I had travelled, first and foremost as a woman and secondly as a professional." - Francesca Lando

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