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I am Toby Roney - a Cambridge based Photographer and Vanlifer.

I am not going to start this off by saying something along the lines of '..the moment I picked up my first camera I knew I was destined to be a photographer', as this is not the truth. The truth is a simple story that starts here.... I started taking photographs when I was around 11 years old, I had no idea what I was doing or what I was pressing to make things brighter and darker but I loved it. I loved being able to capture a moment and make it mine.

I was always different as a kid, I was like a square peg in a round hole; I was not very good at expressing my thoughts or opinions that I wanted to say. I am still like this, but with my camera I have been able to express many views that I believe that should be told. I want to continue being who I am no matter what people say to me or what they may think. This is why I am trying to do something which is a little different.

By ‘trying something different’ I am talking about the path to being an accomplished photographer. What I think of when I hear the words ‘accomplished photographer’ is along the lines of making enough money to live comfortably through my photography skills. Instead of following the crowds and heading off to University to get a degree followed by possible employment, I am creating my own path. This path involves living in a van, traveling, and expanding my photography skills and portfolio. It will be through this path I am going to achieve my goal of being an ‘accomplished photographer’.

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