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TotRockinBeats C.I.C

Based in Colonnade House, a fabulous arts hub in Worthing, West Sussex, TotRockinBeats C.I.C is the UK’s most innovative and exciting intergenerational events and publishing agency.

We are a non-profit social enterprise made up of an ever-evolving collaborative team of like-minded revolutionaries.

TotRockinBeats started life in 2015 when founder Dan Flanagan hit 40 years old and had a little idea that wouldn’t leave his head. He was fed-up at having no social life and being tied to a job he hated and a commute that meant he was never with his family.

The idea was to throw an afternoon party, including everything he loved: Old-School Hip-Hop, family activities, art, technology and the community around him. The idea proved so popular it led to him quitting his job to start a revolution.

The first event on Father’s Day 2016 saw 450 people sell-out a converted church. A line-up of 6 old-school Funk and Hip-Hop DJs, soft-play, crafting, bring absolute joy to so many faces on a Sunday afternoon. 

More events soon followed that saw TotRockinBeats sell-out a wealth of arts-centres, museums, 1000 + capacity theatres, art galleries, and summer festivals. From there TotRockinBeats came into its own – a not-for-profit publishing/events production company, fashion brand and a broadcaster with a mission to bring different communities together and change peoples perspectives of what art is.

That includes mashing-up, street dancers, circus-performers, stand-up comedians, jive-dancers, 97-year-old DJs, rappers, live Funk bands, Wurtlizers organists cutting-up Bowie & Star Wars tunes, interactive virtual reality artwork and Lego with good old-fashioned sing-alongs.

Our mission has helped TotRockinBeats attract the support of world-class musicians, graffiti artists and DJs including DJ Format, Rob Life, The RedStars, Madina, The Impellers and Dan Lish.

Afternoon Raving With A Social Conscience.

The problems faced by young families and their lack of access to, affordable, high-quality social and arts-driven activities were those of lonely OAPs and adults with learning disabilities.

This is we partner with other non-profit organisations including Guildcare and Stay Up Late, an amazing project that supports people with learning disabilities to be able to lead the lives they want.

This ensures that the widest range of our community can throw their hands in the air, together on the dancefloor and our kids grow up seeing people for who they really are, not the labels that society puts on them.

We harness the collective power of those people together as a TotRockin’ tribe to help fight other social issues close to our heart. This can be anything from supporting the ‘Save Our Schools’ campaign through to organising our annual toy/food drive for a waste food cafe, for the low-waged.

We have an ever-growing army of ‘TotRockers’ aged 0-97, who follow us from event to event, volunteer, ‘Ave it large’ and help us ‘Fight The Power’. We harness this collective power and put it to good use. The concept is simple, say we have 500 people at an event. If half of them bring a tin of beans, together we can feed a lot of families.

We like to put smiles on the faces of kids that might that have been victims of domestic violence, have life-limiting conditions and adults with early-onset dementia to make sure that the power of the TotRockers is behind them.

In 2017 we launched ‘Dad La Soul’ our revolutionary new club for dads and aim to build this into a national and international network to help champion the important role that dads play in the modern-day world.

In 2018 we were fortunate enough to be partly funded by The National Lottery Awards For All and The Arts Council, to allow us to grow and take our message out to a wider audience. We’ve won several awards, been featured on the ITV and BBC news, titles including The Huffington Post, and have sold out a wealth of unique venues with our individual take on intergenerational entertainment.

TotRockinBeats C.I.C. – Intergenerational Revolutionaries.

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