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When I made the choice to finally change my life, something wonderful happened. I began to feel alive and I started living, rather than existing. I realized what self-respect and self-worth was and I started to form a healthy relationship with my own heart. I had found it at last. 

I then met my wonderful husband and couldnt believe I was getting married at the young age of 44!

If I had not had the courage to look within and the support and guidance of a wonderful teacher, I would still be in the same position as I was 6 years ago. On the floor of my house, in tears, saying 'there's got to be more to life than this'.

I have always had an urge to help people, and I understood the steps that I needed to take. Before you give your time, energy, money, love to anyone have to start giving it to yourself. 

It was one of the most scariest, courageous and empowering things that I have ever done, and I now encourage and support those who are willing to take that first step.

I run workshops and events to help people reconnect to their authentic selves, and everything that I teach has and is still used in my own life. And I absolutely love it!




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