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Tricia Mitchell, Meditation Coach & Trainer

Take a moment to image your dream life...


What would it feel like to wake up every morning being you if you were living your dreams?


Ok, so why aren't you living the life you want to lead now? What's in the way?


The things that stop us achieving the amazing life we want to lead are often limiting beliefs.  They limit our true potential. They're other people's beliefs we picked up without realising, often at an age too tender to see truth. They're decisions we made in situations where all was not well, and those little critters formed into beliefs.


Yet they're powerful; we're unaware these beliefs, that are influencing our behaviour and creating our reality, even exist. Seeing patterns, connecting the dots that lead back to these pesky unconscious beliefs and weeding them out, is my speciality. My passion is freeing people from their limitations.   


Life's busy, time is precious; you've got a zillion and one things to do and you want results, but you don't want to take the scenic route, if there's a quicker one, right? As an Intuitive Coach, my internal satnav will find the fastest route possible to your dream destination, leaving you more time to enjoy life.


Come to one of my workshops and I'll guide you towards the cause of what's stopping you from having the life you want. If you truly want to change, I'll guide you to what needs to be done.


So, why should you come to one of my workshops?  They're practical, they're excellent value for money & you get a taste of what you could achieve in group coaching or one-to-one coaching sessions with me.  You'll also develop or enhance your awareness of how our beliefs & emotions create our reality and dis-ease.


If you're hell-bent on holding on to excuses as to why you're not leading the life of your dreams, then I'd advise against attending one of my workshops, because they will change your life.


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