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Ucele Yoga

Yin yoga and Yin Yang yoga in Swansea & Cardiff

My name is Victoria Ucele, and I teach functional rather than aesthetic yoga, encouraging you to focus on what you feel in your body rather than the shapes you are making. I look at everyone as individuals with distinct bodies and minds, helping you adapt your practice so it is uniquely yours.

My sessions encompass the physical, energetic, emotional and mental elements of yoga. As well as the poses themselves, expect to find meditation and pranayama - key elements to a balanced practice. You will also learn more about the crossroads between yoga and the ancient Chinese ‘meridian theory’, and how you can bring it into both your practice and everyday life.

I hold audio and online Yin yoga & Yin Yang yoga classes, both live and recorded, with groups and individuals. I am a certified 200-hr teacher in Yin yoga & Anatomy, and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. I am based on Swansea Bay in Wales, the UK.