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Union of European Turkish Democrats – was founded in 2004 by a team of volunteers consisting of more than 60 academics, from different professional groups.The UETD has offices in all Countries in Europe. In every state it is organized by the local association law. In Cologne (Germany) there is the Headquarters. The association’s activities in different countries converge here and are coordinated.The UETD in the respective field office based on its association laws defined, especially the political, social and cultural developments in European Turks as the main task, and consequently everything possible for a healthy integration and for a “living together” as the main bid.

The historic process has led citizens of Turkish origins living in a good number of European countries, mainly Germany, and constituting a first-class workforce, to become a part of the European sphere.

The chief objective of UETD is to assure the integration of the European Turks including different ethnic groups into European society while preserving their own identity. The resolution of social, cultural, and political problems calls for a multidimensional methodology.

UETD goal is to contribute to the respect and influence of each European Turkish citizen in the country where he or she lives and to assure that this is done collectively and through dialogue.

The UETD is not under the influence of governments or political organizations working union, but an independent association with only honorary members.

The UETD identifies itself to the norms of individual rights and freedoms, is working for this goal and keeps its doors open for those who:

Acting legally, Advocate for Democracy and for the benefit of individuals up to the entire Society.

The UETD makes no distinction between religions, languages, nationalities and / or cultural values of life does, instead, without any discrimination as a member of the “human family” and attempts to merge social values.

The UETD is an association that supports each project or idea, as long as these strengthen harmony and legally feasible.

The UETD is a “circle of active members” who will participate in the political affairs of daily life, and intend only the following goals: stabilize justice, trust, achieve and take responsibility!

The UETD is a social project, its provisions are to work with and for people who think too honest, liberal, non-partisans, and fraternal and work.

The UETD rejects all forms of discrimination and under-standings and will invariably draw on the collective values of the strand positions. In this sense, it sees itself as a bridge between all organized civil societies and will not trigger the flames of rivalry, nor permit that ignite them.

The UETD is an open association for potential mergers, which rejects any strict ideological polarization and variations of approaches, but any cooperation for mutual acceptance and tolerance welcomed.

The UETD is an association that in the campaign against the international polarization, the EU considers the secular peace as a necessity for a European identity and any further wishes and encourages.

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