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UK Irrigation Association

The UK Irrigation Association ( is an independent organisation promoting interest in and a better understanding of all aspects of irrigation in the UK. We are not a trade association; rather we are a broad church membership of individuals – farmers, growers, consultants, researchers, suppliers, and government agency staff (Defra, Environment Agency, Natural England). We collect and disseminate information and aim to raise standards of knowledge and competence in irrigation planning, design, installation, and management. UKIA was a member of Defra’s Drought Management Group during the 2011-12 drought and were instrumental in forming the Water for Food Group which brings together the various organisations involved in irrigated food production in UK -- including NFU, CLA, Potato Council, Environment Agency, and the Association of Drainage Authorities. Together the Group provides a strong, common voice for a fair share of water for agriculture, food, and farming.

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