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Unefer Axsal

Het-Ka-Ptah is study, show and tell team of Pan-African Kemetologists specialising in the great ancient Egypto-African legacy and reconstructing the global image of Africa. With thirteen years research and commitment to Afrocentric principles and two trips to Africa & one globally published book, the team have been teaching African history, Black distinction and raising awareness for the overall improvement of the black community throughout the diaspora for eight years combined.

The progenitorial and continual contribution of excellence to civilisation made by Africa and its descendants have been neglected a mention or repackaged in our mainstream history books and education systems leaving many Africans with an incorrect account history. Cultural confusion is considered a huge contributing factor to the low self-esteem and mental health issues troubling black community with no discrimination to age.

The team are adept at delivering presentations, lectures and workshops in an informative, interactive and inspirational way that reveals our hidden in plain sight history and connect the dots between ourselves, the continent and every African descendent throughout the diaspora.


Targeting majority all black schools in areas such Birmingham, London. Manchester & Liverpool.


Compiling an archive of age relevant presentations, lectures and workshops that can be delivered in a school environment all year round to inspire, empower and educate the students about the importance of self-image, cultural literacy and there role in a dynamic world.

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