UNITY Arts Festival

The ethos of the ‘Unity Project’ evolved from our desire to link neighbouring communities through the arts.

Our belief being that activity and expression through the arts can contribute to healthy minds as well as compassion and harmony among people.

We created the first Unity Arts Festival in September 2018 with the focal point being Leamouth Peninsula E14 and the mergence of two neighbouring communities, London City Island and Trinity Buoy Wharf. We continued our work with the 2019 festival, doubling our offering of interactive workshops, increasing our partnerships, widening our catchment area and more than doubling our attendance number. Now in 2020 with the landscape dramatically changing through a global crisis creating lockdown, we realise more than ever the benefit ‘Unity’ can bring not only to neighbouring communities but to those isolated within those communities.

We have made a decision to implement this year’s ‘Unity’ project some five months early. UNITY.london is an online platform listing exhibitions, workshops, music, podcasts, writings and much more from a growing number of organisations and individuals. Our goal is to establish an online platform tasked with promoting & providing uplifting arts & cultural content for public engagement. Now, adhering to governmental and health guidelines, we aim to kick start some of the live events that we’ve all been missing this summer.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events