University of Sunderland & Institute of Coding

The Institute of Coding (IoC) is a partnership of over 30 universities in England all working hard to address the digital skills gap. This event is part of that work, and we want to know about the people attending so that we can find out whether what we are trying to achieve is having an impact.

Your personal data will be collected and stored by University of Sunderland in accordance with their data policy. As University of Sunderland are a member of the IoC, an element of your data will then be shared with us. All personal and identifying details will be removed before this data is shared so that all we get are statistics to show how we’re doing against our targets.

The data we collect from you as part of this project will be passed to the Office for Students to allow them to conduct further research and evaluation of the activities funded as part of the IoC project, including combining with data from similar work at other Universities and Colleges. These data may be linked to other data that they hold about you including prior, current or future educational records and records on earnings and employment.