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Unscene 199 Theatre & Performance festival



Unscene 199 Theatre & Performance Festival 


August 29th – September 30th 2016



The Unscene 199 is a month theatre and arts festival produced by New River Studios. Performances will occur all around the Manor House warehouse district, where converted industrial sites will be made available to artists to host their work in unique environments and allow the audience an opportunity to experience the wilder side of live acts.


During the festival local, regional, national and international artists will stage work in a variety of styles, disciplines and subject matter including theatre, dance, music, workshops, visual art, film and more. Acts will take place in a black box theatre; a converted parcel depot; an open plan event space, bars, coffee shops, and a number of unconventional locations in the neighbourhood.


Unscene 199 will launch the festival with an opening-night special event at New River Studios and a special theme festival closing party with Djs and performances at Exfed. Also along the month festival there will stalls with local and international food and drinks


The Festival is a collaborative organization striving to provide opportunities and exposure to artists who are willing to take a risk and push the boundaries of the “norm” through experimentation with style and content. We would like to host both small and large-scale productions, work in progress, dress rehearsals, experiments, micro-scenes, new writing, readings and workshops.


Due the unconventional nature of some spaces we also welcome companies interested in offering new theatre techniques that stimulate the audience in new ways, restructuring the audience/performance relationship or challenging traditional acting methods.


An ambition of the festival is to foster creativity and collaboration between the various departments in theatre creation, promoting the festival as a meeting place where artist individually have the chance to show installations, visual media, soundscapes, or audio techniques, lighting design, dance, theatre, film, costume design and other disciplines within the field of scenography and theatre technology.

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