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UoE Staff Mindfulness Courses and Events

The Chaplaincy is for all faiths and none - a place at the table for everyone. Our team covers a wide variety of beliefs, including humanism and all major world religions, but you don't have to be religious or spiritual to attend events at the Chaplaincy or use our services. All are welcome.

The Chaplaincy offers a wide variety of wellbeing activities, which are all supported by studies indicating that they are likely to improve mental health. 

Mindfulness refers to ‘kind compassionate – awareness’. It is about living fully in the present moment. This means paying deliberate attention to what you are doing, as you are doing it, with open compassionate awareness.

Mindfulness and Compassion based training courses offer an excellent foundation for understanding and practicing mindfulness and compassion meditations both in a direct practical way and within a group setting. It can offer an insight for many in cultivating a different kind of relationship with oneself and others, in the classroom, on campus and at home and enhance your experience of stress-free living and being.

Mindfulness training offers a different way of living that will support you to work with difficulties and distress but also to savour life, realise your potential and to flourish. The training has an emphasis, supporting participants to be open to joy, to feel connected to others and the world and to live in ways consistent with your values.

Educators are interested in the calming and focusing qualities of mindfulness and compassion that help staff and students reduce stress and become more patient and present in the learning environment, but they are also interested in how that calm stability can positively affect cognitive functions like attention and memory and lead eventually toward greater understanding and wisdom. Educators are also interested in how mindfulness and compassion can assist the work of the academy in the need to plan, set goals, set priorities, and move back and forth among tasks.

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