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UTC Bolton is governed and operated by the University of Bolton. Its aim is clear in that it will provide outstanding education that is akin to leading independent and public schools, but without charging fees.

We strive to uphold a core set of values in our institution with regards to that:-

  • Education should open minds.
  •  All students are different and these differences are valued through diversity. The enjoyment of learning and the building of self-esteem are paramount to raising standards, and the extent to which schools can benefit young people is dependent upon the ability of the school to motivate students to learn effectively.
  • Every young person and their work must be seen to be individually valued in order to foster the self-esteem necessary to promote positive attitudes to learning and participation in the life of the community.
  • Every student is known. It is our desire to understand how each individual student works and learns best, know what inspires and motivates them, allied with the promise of the right support and challenge throughout their learning journey in order to broker the promise.
  •  Finding your passion changes everything but you must seek a growth mindset.
  • Success has clear requirements and requires challenging goals.
  • Personalised intervention to deliver agreed learning goals.
  • Teachers of students not teachers of subjects – facilitating the accumulation of knowledge, understanding, skills and competencies that contribute to life-long learning.
  •  Education is for life and character education is fundamental to success.
  •  Life is what you make it.
  • We are a learning community.
  • Excellence for all through equality, innovation, opportunity, inclusion & achievement.



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