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Hello, I'm Ana a Spiritual Life Coach and Holistic Healer and I help people
control stress and anxiety and relieve chronic pain for the last few years.
I believe that the best way to heal ourselves must be the most natural way
possible: working on ourselves, our thoughts and our heart.
By going deep into myself, understanding the circumstances in my life,
revising my past to understand my present through tarot or oracle card
readings, healing with holistic therapies like sound therapy or crystals,
I have been controlling my anxiety and chronic pain.
This way has been the most useful for me and my clients for the last few
years. In my every day life I have discovered that when I clear my mind
with Meditation and I have awareness, I feel pain free and much more
If you want to know more of how I can help you control stress and anxiety
and relieve chronic pain, just contact me at
It would be great to meet you :)
Much love
Ana Saloma

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