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UWDC Win a Mini Events

Welcome all, to Matthew & Laura Finn's Utility Warehouse Win a Mini event booking page through Eventbrite. 

Here you will find all the up and coming Win a Mini (WAM) events organised for our team, as well as be able to book on and secure your place at the venue of your choice. 

WAMs are a fantastic tool for growing your Utility Warehouse business. Each year the company puts on a free prize draw for a member of the general public to win a brand new BMW Mini or £10,000 cash. This is to enable all distributors the opportunity of running their own WAM competition. WAM's can take place wherever there is a gathering of people, therefore providing an additional avenue for gathering new customers and/or distributors.

How this works: we set up a stand, people come up to enter the prize draw, you ask they if they would like to save or make money and you book an appointment to go and see them to sign them up as a customer or distributor. (or sign them up there and then) SIMPLE!

At each event we will be providing: the stand, the entry forms and all the training you will need to gather customers. All you need to do is book on an event and turn up. 

This is a fabulous opportunity to get lots of ongoing appointments with people that you would not ordinarily get chance to speak to - it helps to massively extend your warm list. WAMs have been one of the main sources of our nearly 100 customers - and they are great fun too! 

To book on an event, just select the venue, pay any fee that is due and we will be in touch nearer the time of the event.

If you have any questions on how WAMs work or how they can benefit you business, please don’t hesitate to call us on:

Matthew - 07792791048

Laura - 07905580581  


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