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Vaz works as a Spiritual Mentor, Guide & Intuitive Channel, continuously evolving his connection through inner spiritual development, growth and exploration.

Vaz turned his life around from over 15 years of depression through intensive spiritual exploration, reflection and journeying. He has been open to Spirit since a child and has used this as a foundation to greater understand his reality. 

Vaz has a background as a Cityworker and has trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Person Centered Psychology. He has been working with, exploring and practicing energy healing for nearly 20 years and is passionate about continuously evolving tspiritual growth work. Today he works to awaken the divinity, empwoerment & love in others. 

Vaz is passionate about working from the heart and has a deep love for Mother Earth, having travelled to many of planet's sacred power spots. He explores many varieties of spirituality and keeps an open mind, open heart and open surrender to the Divine.

Founder of the London College of Spirituality, Sacred Journeys & Author of Infinite Being. For Spiritual Growth eCourse; Infinite Being book and free meditations, please visit

Blessings and Love on your sacred journey

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