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Veran Performance

Delivering, and justifying the spend on, complex technology change in Government has never been easy. Moving HR & Finance into the Cloud is no different.


We must increasingly learn from each other andthe Private Sector, to maximise opportunities, deliver the right outcomes and demonstrate value.


To enable this to happen, Veran Performance will be running a series of activities combining expert, industry leading advice with open discussion to allow learning to occur.


A successful transition to the cloud relies on the quality of 3 milestones/project stages:

  1. The Case for Change

Building a business case that to justifies the investment of public money and that clearly demonstrates return on investment.

  1. The preparation for implementation – Phase Zero

Preventing gaps between what you need from cloud technology and what you achieve, by effectively preparing for implementation.

  1. Implementation of HR & Finance into the Cloud

Understanding how to manage the technical requirements whilst also coping with the large amount of change (both organisational and people focused) that will result.


Using the industry leading insight, specialised support and cross sector benchmarks generated through this community at each stage of implementation will greatly improve the quality of these milestones, and will deliver the following benefits:


  • Confidence in regulatory compliance and policy through shared interpretation
  • A consistent and qualified approach to building a case for cloud technology that stands up to public scrutiny
  • Delivery of desired outcomes through sustainable, sensible solutions
  • Ability to benchmark processes and requirements across departments, proving value for money and good practice
  • An understanding of how to embed new ways of working to obtain the full benefit from the project

Why engage with our activities?
It is not enough to simply select and implement technology. To be successful into the future and avoid past mistakes your HR & Finance teams must routinely engage with industry leading practice & ideas to effectively interpret and act upon the ongoing options, challenges & opportunities presented to your by cloud technology.

About Veran
Veran is a niche UK-based consultancy that was set up to ensure maximum value and benefit was achieved from investment in technology and transformation.  We work side by side with Government colleagues to ensure your implementations are successful and sustainable. We provide a strategic and independent advisory support service which enables you to clearly identify your options and effectively manage your implementation.  Our team has experienced projects with all the major technology providers and will provide indispensable support to your organisation before and during a significant project, ensuring your team is upskilled and confident in the cloud.

Upcoming Opportunities
Our community and events enable you to benchmark, learn & stay up to date with modern & leading thinking in a safe & flexible environment. From Round Table Discussions, to breakfast seminars and Cloud Consultations, we invite you to join a range of free, informal events that will enable you to engage & benchmark your progress NOW.

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