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Viewpoint Centre CIO

Viewpoint Centre CIO is currently making waves across Surrey and has helped over 30 local young people since launching in Dormansland in September 2017 to unlock their potential.


Our innovative and well-evidenced flagship behavioural change programme, ReStart, developed and tested by TheHorseCourse in Dorset, uses specially Parelli Natural Horsemanship (PNH) trained horses to help ‘hard to reach’ people, who come to us via professional referral and who are disengaged from or not progressing with conventional talk-based provision options. 

We use a highly motivating and action-based 1:1 approach, which teaches, rehearses and repeats key emotional and thinking skills in an intensive, challenging and fun way as each participant learns to work in partnership with their horse, supported by one of our THC trained facilitators.

This cutting edge course has been recently examined and held up by Dr Nick Kosky at the Royal College of Psychiatrists as a ‘highly effective intervention when talking isn’t working’. Check out how we work in the following video: 

The local community directly also benefits from this work as it seeks to address issues of the costs to local councils for family support/care workers, young people in our community who are NEET, crime and anti-social behaviour - thus leading to a more integrated and safer place to live.

We are set up as a charity so that fully funded places can be offered to those most in need. Each ReStart course costs £750. 


Drawing upon our horse-based method (with an option for a horse taster session at the end if delivered at Viewpoint Stables) our NEW Non-Verbal Toolbox Training is a course is aimed at frontline professionals and parents/carers or any business, group or individual wishing to enhance their skills in reading and responding to non-verbal communication to manage difficult behaviours more effectively and gain a better understanding of their own emotions in order to do that.


A practical and fun workshop-style module, which can be delivered both on and off-site, will not only teach essential skills to help those living or working with difficult, shut down or disengaged young people to set everyone up for success, it will trigger a wider, gradual cascade effect within the wider community to create long lasting change in homes and settings where change is most needed. 


For more information on referrals, personal donations, business sponsorship and fundraising check out or email

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