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As the queen of the Hummingbirds I have lived a life of constant curiosity. Taking deep breaths I have repeatedly leapt from my perch and flown somewhere different in search of new sustenance. I deeply believe that each of us is wonderfully unique and able to transform. I believe in living life to the fullest and that authenticity is about being my best self in any given moment. My secret nectar is based on being positive and grateful in the face of adversity. 


How do I know I am a Hummingbird? Well so far I have:

  • Lived in 9 cities across 3 countries
  • Attended 7 schools and 2 universities
  • Gained 7 professional qualifications
  • Experienced 20+ jobs across 5 careers
  • Travelled within 45 countries

And my interests are broad and varied ... from coasteering to theatre, from camping to pampering, from enneagram to multiple braining, from photography to steampunk.


I have decided, finally, that it is time for me to share with others the secrets to being a liberated Hummingbird. I shall draw upon my learning and experience with mBraining, NLP, Cognitive Behaviour, Positive Psychology, Existentialism, personality science, and living life to the fullest. 

Join me in flying upside down!


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