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Waqi - UK's Leading Results Coach

 "I met Waqi when I was going through a hard time and his attitude and how he coped with life made me choose him. I wanted to regain control of my emotions and transform myself during these tough times. After working with him, I had new strategies to deal with my emotions and developed a new level of well-being I didn't have before. I would recommend him as a coach and I would advise regular, constant, and relentless application of his methods as results only develop through daily action." - James Mullahy – Aeronautical Engineer


"I first met Waqi at one of his live events and immediately knew his style of coaching would fundamentally help me on my entrepreneurial journey. I sometimes struggle to describe my problems both at a personal and business level. However, with Waqi this didn't seem to matter. His intuitive, compassionate approach to understanding where you are and where you want to be ignores any excuses you're hiding behind and gets straight to the root of the problem – even if sometimes you're not aware of it yourself (or you don't want to face it yet)! This initial drill that helps you understand who you are soon turns into a fast-paced intensive process, involving taking action and measuring your results. Believe me, Waqi takes no prisoners here. He expects you to work. Despite being challenging, Waqi is naturally gifted at instilling intense inspiration and intrinsic motivation to make sure you can push through. I know that with Waqi's help I will get to where I want to be and I'm looking forward to the journey. Thank you for everything so far!" - Jenn Quinnell – Founder Of Charity Organisation SIVA


These are just a drop of water compared to the ocean of testimonials we have from clients whose lives have completely changed after working with Waqi. Read his Bio below.


Waqi is UK's Leading Results Coach. He very often likes to point out that he is a Results Coach rather than a life coach, as his full business model is based on getting his clients results in whatever area they are working on as fast as possible. Whether that is losing weight, making more money, gaining more confidence, becoming a better communicator, attracting better people in your life or any other areas in between.


While other "life coaches" or "gurus" get you spinning like a hamster on a wheel so you continue to keep coming back to them as they have a limited amount they can teach you and aren't on the forefront of personal development themselves, Waqi's clients can testify to the fact that this is not him at all.


Ideally, he would prefer if he got you your desired result and you never came back to him. It is a different story, however, that once someone has become a client they have remained a client, as the speed he gets you results is "unreal" as described by some of his clients. And as motivated individuals who want to achieve something massive in their lives before the movie ends, they keep coming back to get more and more results faster and faster.


Waqi started from humble beginnings... staying in tenement flats (for those of you who don't know what this is; it is usually high-rise flats where those who have no housing are placed by the government or, in other words – "The Scheme" in Scotland – "The Estate" in England or "The Ghetto" in America).

Staying in a small flat on the 7th floor of these pale blue high flats, he grew up with his mom and 3 sisters (another sister joined them when he was 15), 2 older and 2 younger sisters. In a house full of women with no male influences, Waqi had to search elsewhere for male influences which led him on a path that is travelled by many but survived by few. He started hanging around on the streets at a young age and before he knew it he was surrounded by the worst of the worst… drug dealers, murderers, fraudsters, and everything in between.


Yet at a very young age, he still knew he was meant for something great. He started working when he was 12 years old and regularly skipped school in order to support his family. He did every job you could imagine – from working in takeaways to waiting, to later in life working in the finance industry for pension providers and banks. He also spent a year and a half working in the UAE in the offshore finance industry.


For years, Waqi has been on a journey of self-discovery and personal development. For him, this will be an ongoing process until the day he dies. This amazing journey has taken him all over the world to over 14 Countries and he has studied under some of the best coaches in the world in different fields such as Fitness, NLP and Communications, Dating, Business, Motivation, and Success.


After years of personal development and learning and constantly tweaking his actions in order to get results in the fastest way possible, many have seen this transformation and pleaded with him to teach them the same. For a while, he resisted, but then he decided to give it a go. And after his first session with his first client, it was very clear that as good as he was at getting results in lightening speed for his own personal development, he was 10 times as good at instilling belief and getting those results for his clients.


After that first client, his business took off. It was like an avalanche crashing down a mountain, gaining momentum, and getting bigger and more ferocious as time goes on. He has put hundreds of hours into his business and is constantly optimizing with one goal in mind. How can he get faster results for his clients? How can he provide more value to his clients? How can he motivate his clients more? His whole mindset in the business is orientated around getting people results. Contrary to what you are doing at the moment, he would very much prefer that you take the wrong actions steps and learn from them, than sit and read a book and theorize for a year. This methodology has proven to be successful time and time again. (However, don't get the wrong impression – books are a valuable tool to use for your personal development, but shouldn't be used as an excuse not to take action.)

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