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WEA Women in the Highlands


Founded in 1903, the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) is a charity dedicated to bringing high-quality, professional education into the heart of communities.

 The WEA Women in the Highlands project will contribute to the following Scottish Government National Equality Outcome: Women’s position in the economy and in employment is improved in the long term.

WEA Women in the Highlands (WITH) is a development  project, which works in the Highlands to remove barriers caused by rural isolation, poverty and inequality, to give women a voice at home, at work and in the wider community. Our aims are that:

  •Women in the Highlands will be inspired and encouraged to connect, engage with and participate in their communities and wider society

  •Women in the Highlands will be supported to access development opportunities which will further their personal and societal potential

  •WEA Women in the Highlands aspires to create and support four self-governed and self-sustaining women’s groups to represent the voices of Highand women

 This grass-roots project will make a huge difference to women in the Highlands, encouraging them to engage with and contribute to civic society, making a difference not only to their own lives and that of their families, but to their communities.

 Understanding and recognising the needs of women is fundamental to the project.

Through participation in project events, the development and training needs of women will be identified and the design of workshops and other events provided will be guided by, and designed in response to, these needs. 

It is anticipated that although some common themes will emerge from the groups, specific needs will be identified in some areas. Working with our partners, and the women who participate, we will address these needs by offering specifically designed development and training opportunities.  

‘Since becoming involved with Women in the Highlands I have become part of their vibrant network.   I have felt supported and part of an exciting and challenging initiative in a way that I hadn’t previously.  I have no doubt that Women in the Highlands will go from strength to strength making a real impact on the community and its women.’ EN




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