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Who we are

We are an organisation based in Edinburgh, UK. We are a group of professional counsellors and psychotherapists across the UK, who come from different countries with different cultural backgrounds. 

Our Aims

  • To help and support you to overcome your difficulties and problems in a foreign country, such as culture shockloneliness, homesickness, depression, anxiety and isolation etc.
  • To provide you with a warm, comfortable and homely feeling space in the UK. There is always a place for you to talk, share your feelings and experiences or listen to others, when you feel tired, down, frustrated, lonely or homesick…
  • To help you improve your wellbeing
          Don't worry, be happy!



    Multi-Language Support

 Supporting overseas residents in the UK



We are here to help and support you to find your unique lifestyle and enjoy every moment of living in a foreign country.  

Life can be beautiful! 

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