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What You Do Matters Ltd (WYDM)

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What You Do Matters Limited (WYDM) is a non profit organisation based in East London with the ethos to inspire change to women and young people. We also promote the importance of volunteering by providing information on current events and opportunities. 

We have been involved in fundraising and appeals, raising awareness of numerous charities such as Ghana Volunteer Project, A21 Campaign, VSO Bahaginan, Philippine Red Cross, and Community Links. In March 2014 we brought 50 women together to celebrate International Women’s Day. The afternoon was spent listening to keynote speakers with the opportunity to donate to 26 different charities.

Since the beginning of this year we are now an official company. Our team of 9 (alongside our fantastic web developer) have come together on a voluntary basis with the aim to inspire positive changes to women. Our team's experiences vary greatly from NHS Associate Mental Health Worker to African Knitwear and Accessories Designer but we all share the same vision.

We are an enthusiastic bunch and love to meet our supporters whenever we can.

Meet our team (& what we do outside WYDM);

  • Jacqueline, trainee psychodynamic counsellor
  • Rhona, Property Investor
  • Rachel, Freelance Writer
  • Jenn, Associate Graduate Mental Health
  • Ness, Data Administrator
  • Dom, Teaching Assistant
  • Christine, Office Manager
  • Sicgmone, African Knitwear and Accessories
  • Jeselyn, Client Service Administrator

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