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White Seal

WHITE SEALis a recently founded company that aims to improve the Business Environment in Romania by offering professional services in a wide range of areas. The idea behind WHITE SEAL starts with two words: "We Secure!", Which after a short period of time has evolved in what today's motto is: "Securing your business!".

Our activity is managed by four departments, each of which is made up of a dynamic team trained to carry out their work in an efficient and thorough manner, guaranteeing maximum quality.


WHITE SEAL SALES represents a department that comes in help of the companies in need of specialists in sales technique, introducing the concept of Sales Outsourcing to the Romanian market. Taking into account that sales are one of the most important activities of any company, we come to support our partners with intelligent solutions both as a work force and as a sales technique.       Observing that this area is closely related to the image a product has in the market, WHITE SEAL MARKETING has also emerged as a branch of activity. A department of major importance in our business, which aims to find optimal solutions for the promotion of a product so that its sale is easy, simple and successful.

WHITE SEAL EVENTS is the department where you can escape the stress of organizing a congress or conference to launch a new package of services and products. Business events are our priority, always finding the best ways to get you on the market.

WHITE SEAL TOURISM is a fourth service we meet to our customers.We start from the premise that time is money and that is why we know that a businessman must not waste time planning his travels. For our partners, we have a team and a network of hotel chains at a national level so that the stress of travel as well as the place of accommodation is non-existent.

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