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Founded in 1992, Willow Creek Association (WCA) serves pastors and leaders through world-class leadership experiences and resources. WCA is committed to a singular idea: that inspired, encouraged, and equipped Christian leaders create thriving local churches that redeem their communities for Christ.  

WCA's Cause

WCA's passion is to help leaders worldwide—men and women—realise God's vision for their lives, churches and communities. It shares ideas and builds partnerships. Through the Global Leadership Summit (GLS), Partners, and WCA Membership it delivers vision and inspiration to resourced regions; and we bring training and opportunity to under-resourced areas.  

WCA UK & Ireland

WCA UK & Ireland was established in 1995 in partnership with WCA and offers year-round training events, resources and membership subscription. Its team develops and implements its own strategic plan in order to effectively serve the needs of the leaders and churches throughout the UK and Ireland.

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