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Willow McIntosh

Willow is the author of Finding Heart and an experienced facilitator. He has studied and practised the revelation of purpose and authenticity for over 20 years.


Following a profound sensitivity to the nature of love and authenticity as a child, Willow suffered a particular set of circumstances during his childhood. These circumstances forced him to hide his true nature and bury his calling in order to survive.


Refusing to accept this 'amnesia' as a young adult, Willow embarked on a lifelong journey and obsession with the re-discovery of self and the revelation of purpose and happiness.


He has travelled all over the world, studying meditation, facilitation and practised relentless deep soul work. The contrast in Willow’s life experience has enabled him to intimately witness the prison of human conditioning and the path to self realisation.


Willow has been referred to as having a unique metaphysical ability to help others reveal their own true nature and rekindle a loving relationship with their personal reality.

He lives in Sussex.

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