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Wine&truffle online shop was born in November 2017 as a portfolio showcase for the wholesale merchant Il Tastevin LTD and commercial partner A.Romani truffles.

Our aim was to let people direct discover the small reality of our wineries, the history and the passion behind them as well as the incredible taste of black and white truffles.

Passion, love, and knowledge drove us to overcome people's distrust for unknown premium wineries and the price of luxury products such as truffles.

Our small wine portfolio was also limited to Italy and didn't help us to gain the trust of a large crowd.

We never gave up on our "quality over quantity" philosophy, and in the last year, instead of going more commercial in order to sell more, we decided to go even deeper in passion and love and start offering a service of a private chef too.

We genuinely believe in the connection between food and wine, and what's best than offering you a 360-degree vision of them.

Despite being 100% Italian wine and products, in 2019, we decided to expand our horizon, and we now showcase 2 French and one Austrian winery too. We aim to go even further and cover more wine regions in the future.

Respect for our planet is a must; that's why our quality wine selection doesn't come from big corporations and is also made with organic, biodynamic, natural, or sustainable wine.

We also reached a more extensive broad of food enthusiasts, organizing a gourmand dinner in a client restaurant, from which we received very positive feedback, as well as cooking in Customers' homes with awesome reviews.

We're finally becoming what we want, your local online shop for premium quality wines, black and white truffle, truffle products as truffle oil, truffle cream or truffle honey, as well as your private chef service for your home dinner in with friends and family, your corporate event or wine tasting.

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