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WiseWolf Health & Wellness

WiseWolf Health & Wellness was formed by two partners; Alex Fairweather and Mark Goodwin. Both graduates of Loughborough University, they have had successful careers in business and the fitness industry and bring our wealth of experience to WiseWolf, with the aim of inspiring positive change in peoples live at work. 


Alex and Mark share a passion for health & wellness. They live and breathe what they coach, everything comes from their personal experiences in life & business and want you to improve your happiness and productivity at work.


Alex, a graduate in Ergonomics is an ex professional rugby player. After graduating, he spent some time in Jamaica coaching schools and national teams, before starting a career in the shipping industry where he set up his own business at the age of 24. After some time he realised the negative effects that long, stressful days in an office were having and changed careers and lifestyle, following his passion to become a personal trainer and wellness coach.


Mark is a full time personal trainer, graduate in Human Biology and post graduate in Sports Rehabilitation. After extensive experience in the health & fitness industry he founded and managed NewWave CrossFit in Surrey and his since established a succesful corrective exercise practice. Mark's experiences from his time within military and CrossFit environments produced an awareness and desire to help others, both physically, mentally and socially.


Alex and Mark created WiseWolf to help others improve their lives as they have done for themselves and their clients.


WiseWolf invites you to join our wolf pack and become an office warrior by taking part in our seminars and workshops that cover all areas of health & wellness. We’ll help you to improve your movement, nutrition, posture and prevent and manage aches and pains by giving you the tools and knowledge to live healthier, happier lives.


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