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Women Know your worth

Empowering women to set standards & goals in their lives & raise their self perception so that they are unwilling to accept less in love, life and business

The power of female influence.

Firstly we have chosen to focus on women because we are women.
Secondly because of the power of influence women have over their partners; their children; their family; their friends; and their community as a whole.

A woman of worth supports her partner to be the best that they can be, she encourages him along his journey and reinforces his self worth through her encouragement.

A woman of worth feeds her family not just physically but, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. She gives them the information they require to live good and honest lives.

A woman of worth sets standards for herself and respects those around her who uphold standards in their own lives.

A woman of worth will not nod and smile when you are wrong, but without judgment she will put herself in your shoes and encourage you to do right and support you in doing it.

A woman of worth ensures that her loved ones feel loved so that they don’t look for love in the wrong places.

A woman of worth does her best to give back to her community in any way she can because she knows that her joy often comes from the kindness of a strangers smile when she has donated her time to helping them.

A woman of worth knows that success comes through learning and learning through listening. She understands that she must work on being the best form of herself.

Having a woman of worth in your life is like adding your favourite coloured ink to a glass of water; her presence brings about a change that spreads

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