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Woodmeadow Trust

Woodmeadow Trust (formerly known as Hagge Woods Trust), established in 2013 to specifically address this catastrophic decline in biodiversity, is a pioneering charity taking practical action for nature and people by creating ‘woodmeadow’ and inspiring others to plant and look after these exceptional habitats. 

Their flagship site Three Hagges Woodmeadow, near Escrick, York is the centrepiece of their activities and has transformed from a 25-acre arable field into a teeming wildlife habitat.

The creation of woodmeadow, and its recognition as a key conservation habitat, goes a long way to realising the aims of the UK’s 25-year Plan for the Environment. A woodmeadow is one of the richest habitats in temperate Europe. It is a mosaic of trees and grassland and management plays a key part.  Woodmeadows are extremely botanically diverse – in time they can have more than 60 plant species per square metre and the edges are particularly rich in biodiversity.