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WoW Women of Change Holistic Network UK & International


WoW Women of Change Holistic Network UK & International


'Who are you, are you being true?'

WoW is where you can be and find out who you truly are! 

Feeling tuned in, tapped in and turned on to who you are! 


                             WoW “Our Mission Statement”

“We share as a collective and as individuals our highest of intentions of the greater good within each other, the community and the WORLD.

Together we are creating the new paradigm that best supports women, humanity, all forms of life and the planet itself. We have let go of the past and are happy in today.

Living in the moment is our wish so that we can fulfill our calling to be the unique spiritual human beings that we are.

We are working together, creating a safe, fun environment with a methodology which will support each of us personally and spiritually.  This will allow our families and our businesses’, new foundations which we can build upon. Thriving, growing, and reaching towards our highest potential that we have not yet seen or experienced.

Together lets create this vision and bring it in to reality – Together – NOW- WoW! ”   

Lady G xx

                       WoW Experience, Knowledge and Expansion

WoW WWCHNUKI supports women for them to progress, develop, succeed in whatever their desire is wanted.  As a WoW member,  many women have become a WoW  hosts, speakers, partners and executives to take on roles within the network  thus it has grown exponetially.  WoW Women see it, be it and know it - happier, better wellbeing, mindful, abundant, and much more women and enjoying better

They came with a sense of calling a wanting to change their life of sadness, depression, loneliness, in debt, Suicidal in so much that all have or are seeking love  and happiness and have gained much more. All sharing a vision  to open up to something new, yet feel it and become the best at whatever their desire is to be.

Within our large network we  network with similar organisations that SUPPORT OUR VALUES AND VISION helping women to take their Life to the next level of a personal and spiritual journey, a holistic living. This involves our relationships at home and wotk.

With WoW  you  have access to the great thinking of the WoW WWCHNUKI  Members Networks who are leading lights in their fields, personally and spiritually. 

WoW WWCHNUKI  organises empowering seminars, inspirational workshops, conferences social parties, BreakFeasts  and educational events with specific topics and subjects that will offer members the opportunity for furthering their spiritual, professional and personal development.  These new skills will be applicable at home, at work or in social situations thus empowering their relationships too.

Workshops are for everyone and we encouraged for all members to take part - Eeecutive or as a Partner and access also to the WoW WWCHNUKI Franchises available too.


When you Join WoW and become a member amazing things happen in your life!

Meet Lady G who created and founded WoW and has amazed many in her community and her Peers. Launching in Canada in 2016 WoW has grown to over a 1000 followers in less than a year on target to reach a MILLION by 2020.  WE want you to sign up & REGISTER.

By joining WoW WWCHNUKI, you are helping to support all women. You are empowering women.  you have a gift and  you may not know this yet.  

As a member you have the opportunity to gain knowledge via woprkshops or experience  to assist each other with the idea of developing and advancing our natural talents and gifts so that we can empower each other to live their hearts dream and put into practice of our daily lives. 

You also receive our free integrated healing moon pendant.  Everyone wants one!

WoW WWCHNUKI has a dedicated charity.  This supports a selection of initiatives that empower women.

  • Dress it forward
  • Sponsor a Wow Woman: Details coming soon
  • Selected Women's Charities 


WoW Friendship and Networking

Become part of our vibrant community of women making new friends  here in th UK and abroad. Celebrating diversity as we welcome everyone regardles. . . . 

Becoming a member of WoW WWCHNUKI allows your gifts and achievements to be recognized, while offering you an opportunity to join a friendly, supportive, and holistic network with like-minded women. 

WoW WWCHNUKI members meet on a regular basis for social events such as the Soul Nights, Concerts and Christmas Dinner & Drinks.   You will find that there is always something happening!

In January WoW Members’ Break-Feasts Mornings and Drinks.

 2016 A Conferences and a Gala Dinner will be held in 2016 in Victoria, Canada.

 2016 - 2017 WoW Inspirational Women of the Year 

WoW Conversation of Ideas

WoW WWCHNUKI  is all about Inspiring, empowering, giving and caring with collaboration and shared support.  As a member you can be invited to take part in the Events by speaking and by sharing your story about issues facing women today and the aspects of adversity that you yourself have experienced giving others value and realisation they are not alone.  

We are a solution based organisation that encourages our members to bring their experiences that taught them to lead a life of fulfillment. 

We have a code of always uplift, so you always leave feeling renergised and empowered.   Members have the chance to tap into the thinking and share their personal philosophies and ideas that will provide support and inspiration to the group.

Be part of a community that wants to make a difference.  As a member you are welcome to attend our high energy workshops too. Here you will find like minded people giving holistic solutions, tools of the now and in the moment modalities.


WoW Women of Change is a spiritual holistic personal social network all in one welcoming everyone regardless.

WoW is a journey you’re the transport and the drive of your life is about to begin here. This is to be a great journey if you allow it to be.  You are about to open up to all the beauty that is within you.

We go through life wondering what if/ What if I did these things differently and we at WoW are to tell you show you, yes YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

So, there you go.  SIGN UP  & REGISTER.  Come along to any of the events and if you like what you see and experience change maybe you will become a member too.  There is much here for you!

I will sneak a bit in. . . We know a lot of people, networks and we have the greatest power! Shhh don’t tell everyone!

We always look forward to seeing you soon.


Have a blessed wonderful fun day! 


Lady G xx


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WoW Women of Change Holistic Network UK & International


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