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 Welcome from TheVoiceBox Director, Aneesa Chaudhry

'I loved every second of your workshop! I didn't know I could achieve so much so quickly and your direction and enthusiasm made for a magical, musical day out. I particularly enjoyed singing in 4 part harmony and improvising- something I never felt that good at before', A Saunders, London

TheVoiceBox was set up by Aneesa Chaudhry, a woman with a huge zest for life, all that it can offer & all that she can offer to it! Aneesa is a Professional Singer and 

Community Engagement Specialist. She works as a Vocal Coach, Team Building Facilitator & Event Manager and has a huge passion for helping people to make a BIG difference in their own lives and the lives of others. Having trained as a Barrister, Aneesa loves working with clients to improve their overall performances so that they can reach their full potential in both community settings, at work, in social settings and on the stage.  As an artist she tours internationally and making sure her audience have a fantastic time at her shows: (see

What does the voice box offer?


For Singers

Vocal Coaching / Singing Workshops for individuals, groups & organisations / Performance coaching. Help with PA systems & set up, Microphone Technique, Repertoire selection for Gigs, Set List Preparations so musicians in your own band and other bands can do their best for you! Open Mic Support & Gig support


For Organisation Managers & Staff

Vocal Coaching to build vocal confidence and develop your public speaking and presentation skills
Encouraging & empowering clients to use their voices effectively to be heard. We work with clients to help them and their employees fulfill personal goals and improve their performance whether they are making important presentations to a board of directors or singing at professional gigs.

We also work with clients to fulfil the strategic objectives of their business plans and community engagement initiatives.  In particular we offer project management and workshop facilitation to build vocal confidence in a fun and inspiring way!

For further information contact Aneesa Chaudhry on / 07957 395 293


How the standard of amateur choirs has risen over the last few years and here was the proof. The Rainbow Chorus presented us with an ambitious programme of songs, sacred and secular and more than pulled it off. From Waly Waly to Africa with a few carols along the way, they were seldom short of impressive. Byrd’s ‘Ave Verum’ is a tough call, filled with both harmonic and timing complexities, but they gave us a splendid rendition. Aneesa Chaudhry has whipped this choir into shape and made them a force to be reckoned with. St George’s Church, Kemp Town, 30 November 2013

Aneesa Chaudhry showed the audience exactly how accomplished a musician, singer and performer she is. The Brunswick was packed to the rafters. I could have listened to her sing all night. She is the full package, sassy & engaging. The haunting Tera Chera was the highlight showing off her range & the ethereal tone quality of her voice in the upper register. Guappa Chica presented her fun side while Papernut demonstrated the huge range of her voice. Vocally she was quite extraordinary during this number considering this was live and the possibilities of studio tricks less possible. I love a performer who takes risks not only with their performance but also with the arrangements. She made My Funny Valentine her own & challenged both singer and listener to the limits. It was a triumph! Her voice is secure over her complete register, while her ability to bend notes gives a wonderful Eastern flavour. Her articulation is drilled down & precise. You can understand every word she sings”

“Aneesa Chaudhry is a force of nature and a force to be reckoned with. Her voice is extraordinary in so many senses, range, tone, style proving that this is not simply a voice of fashion, and there are plenty of those around, but a real voice full of real musical talent and skill – weapon quality! An evening of song with her is a white knuckle ride of styles and musical genre – ballads, jazz classics, rock, swing, Asian fusion, Fascinating as this is, and amazing value at the price, it does leave your head in a spin. She gave us a striking rendition of My Funny Valentine that was spine tinglingly good, Aneesa is a pure talent, a chameleon chanteuse – and she looks great too, cheekily flirting with her audience and winning us over every minute of the way. When a gig is this good it would bland and dull to simply say that Aneesa Chaudhry is bloody brilliant!”

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