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WXMB 2 is an ever growing community of womxn connecting and coming together with a shared mission: to take on inequality within the music industry. Our team currently consists of 14 womxn who volunteer for this cause. 


Our name, pronounced as ‘WOMB 2’ /wuːm 2/, derives from the acronym Womxn Of Music Business, but is also a word-play on ‘ROOM 2’, where female, female-identifying and non-binary artists tend to be relegated in the clubbing scene. 


Everyone is welcome at our events, no matter their gender, race or sexuality. Our name came at the start of the group to try and include everyone who identifies as a womxn or non-binary. 


The ‘X’ in our name is inclusive, promoting intersectionality and non-binary identifying people. The term ‘Womxn’ originated at the University of California, Davis in 1971. as a spelling of ‘women’ that is a more inclusive, progressive term. It is used to demonstrate a commitment to inclusiveness towards all kinds of women, including trans women.


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