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Yoga with Sarah

Certified Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. I specialise in teaching in a Vinyasa Flow style of yoga. Here is what some of my students say about my classes:


“I have not found any other yoga class that successfully works all areas of the yoga practice, combining both strength, meditation, breathing and perfecting the stretch. Sarah’s teaching does exactly that, her classes are both dynamic and soothing, she takes time to adjust postures and is careful that you don’t push yourself too hard. Every time I can go a little further and I actually have triceps now - I have never felt this strong, happy and relaxed in a yoga practice before. I can profoundly say Namaste!”    Ella


“I really look forward to Sarah’s classes. She is a confident and engaging teacher, very clear and calm in her instruction, and always offers modifications for anyone who is a less (or more) able class member. There is a wonderful, seamless rhythm to her sequences. I love the fact, too, that in each of her classes I go to, she will focus emphasis on some particular aspect or area of the body so that by the end of the session one feels much softer and healthier in that area. Somehow, she has a joyful, light touch that goes very deep.” Aggie


"Yoga with Sarah is the perfect antidote to a busy, stressful life. 
Sarah structures her class around your needs and abilities, so before we even start she is enquiring what you are comfortable with and reassures you that it is perfectly acceptable, and in fact good practice, to rest whenever you feel the need to.
What Sarah excels at is being able to help you identify the postures you have difficulty with and will immediately spend time with you correcting a pose or helping you to achieve it.
Her focus on breath has had a big impact in other areas of my life, helping me to remain focussed and in control in many difficult situations
I have come to learn through Sarah's practice and instruction that it is these areas of life that are the real goals of yoga. It is not about trying to achieve the perfect posture, it is about reflecting on your life and accepting it for what it is without judgement. For that I will remain truly grateful."


“Sarah’s yoga classes are absolutely great, and a great way to start the week as they take place where I work. I’m a relative beginner but find the classes to be just right in terms of building my flexibility, expanding my repertoire of positions and challenging me to go that little bit further. Can’t recommend it enough!”    Patrick

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