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YourStyle Health & Confidence Coaching

Helping teachers to ditch overwhelm and find a work-life balance through self-confidence coaching.

Often Government strategies provide the literal how-to but don’t delve deeper into why teachers are struggling with anxiety and overwhelm for their own personal self-growth.

It is about understanding you as a beautifully unique individual and knowing how to get yourself back on track no matter what life throws at you.

At YourStyle we coach clients about the six pillars of health and how to incorporate them into their lives with my balance method.

Getting Active whilst having Fun

Nutrition, Gut Health and Hydration

Motivational Mindset

Sleep, Recovery and Metime

Balanced Energy

Self-Growth Environment

The principle to our method is that If any of these pillars were to fall in life the rest will be soon to follow.

Understanding which pillar helps you get motivated faster and which one slips you off track means that you can monitor your own life and health each and every day by setting your boundaries to be more confident and productive.

It doesn’t mean you will never get overwhelmed; it simply means life will throw you hurdles but you will always be able to come back to you and what your mind and body needs in that moment to find a happy harmony.